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Melbourne Cinematheque

The Melbourne Cinematheque
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Welcome to the Melbourne Cinematheque. This community is planned as a discussion place for the members of CTEQ as well as members of the general public. You are invited to share your views on the past screenings and suggestions for the future programming, as well as any other feedback. Members of the cinematheque committee will be reading and monitoring this community, so your comments will be noticed. Regular updates and announcements will be posted here about our current program.

You are welcome to post film reviews, discuss film events in Melbourne, or film culture in general. Regular film meet ups might be a possibility for the future.

Melbourne Cinémathèque offers a diverse program of classic, cult, animation, experimental, documentary, silent and short films to Australian audiences all year long.

Our dedicated curatorial team brings to you a range of imported and local prints, offering you a unique opportunity to see some very rare films as well as famous classics on the big screen. Cinephiles will be happy with the regular inclusion of legendary directors such as Welles, Kurosawa and Bergman.

Followers of the European cinema will find plenty of French New Wave films and retrospectives of the current European directors such as Michael Haneke and Werner Hertzog. Old and contemporary Asian cinema finds its way into the cinematheque including Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Thai films. Eastern European and Russian films make regular appearance. And with nights dedicated to westerns, film noir and old Hollywood there's no excuse to stay at home and watch TMC.

1.Browse through and comment on our February-December 2007 Calendar

2.50 years of Melbourne Cinematheque by Quentin Turnour, written in 1998.

3. Information on the current screenings can be found on the ACMI website

The screenings are every Wednesday at 7pm, ACMI Cinemas, Federation Square. The full program is printed on our annual calendar and can be picked up at ACMI as well.

Cinematheque might become a way do spend a dreary Wednesday night or a true highlight of your week. Wait and see.